Toolbox Time

George Zervos has been at Form1 since 2014. Here he talks about why the company’s monthly Toolbox Talks benefit everyone.

Every month at Form1 we hold a Toolbox Talk at each of our branches. This is a great chance for everyone, in each of the teams, to get together and talk, from the office staff and crew on the road, to the management team. It’s good to get away from the tools and the computers to discuss issues that may have arisen during the month and talk about upcoming events, clients and new work we’ve picked up or changes that are happening around the business. A Toolbox Talk lasts around three hours and we cover a huge variety of topics. There’s a great list of thank you’s and key learnings at the end and it’s the perfect forum if you have a question or something’s been bugging you. Everyone gets an opportunity to speak up and Steve, our CEO, puts on coffee and egg and bacon rolls for all. We also hold a quarterly one which is a barbecue lunch.

Here are three more reasons our monthly Toolbox Talks rock:

1. Communication matters

Form1 Toolbox Talks build great camaraderie between all teams in the business. It brings people together and gives them a chance to connect with each other regularly and talk openly to the management team. It’s important everyone knows they have a voice and a chance to share their concerns, thoughts or ideas. It’s also great for day-to-day morale because issues get dealt with and it keeps everyone in the business on the same page.

If an issue comes up at work the communication lines are open. You know you have a chance to bring it up at the Toolbox Talk and it prevents bigger issues from arising.

Communication, especially at work, is so important – it shows your employees you care about them and value their thoughts. Our staff know if there’s an issue, at work, at home or in their personal life, there’s support for them when they come here.

2. We believe in education

For us the monthly Toolbox Talks are all about communication but they also demonstrate our commitment to education. At Form1 we live with an intent to lead and education is a big part of that. I’m a born leader and I like to pave the way for the young and assist the old, to get the best job done.

We’ve invited clients to our Toolbox Talks in the past. It gives us another chance to engage with them as well as educate them on the business, and the industry, so they have a better idea of what’s going on. Everyone who comes to a Form1 Toolbox Talk loves it.

3. It builds belief and trust in the company

One day we were sitting in the boardroom talking about the culture at Form1, playing around with words and the word that kept coming up for me was, belief. A few of the guys around the table questioned it and I said, ‘Why do you think I’m in this room? I’m here because Steve made me believe in him, his business and his product.’

Steve wants his business to be the best and he can only do that by showing he’s brilliant at what he does.  To be successful in business you need to be on the same page as the CEO. A lot of the time we’re working in nursing homes or hospitals and they’re not always great environments to be in but we’re in this business to save lives so you have to believe in what you’re doing. Toolbox Talks help us build belief in what we’re doing across the entire business.

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