Changing the face of men’s health

Form1 fire technician, Greg Ellis, is sacrificing his top lip to raise money for men’s health. This Movember, you can too.

I have an unfortunate personal connection with cancer. My mother had breast cancer and sadly past many years ago. My father and several of his brothers have had prostate cancer. My family was my sole motivation to donate to a cause I feel is sorely in need of funds and support.

This isn’t my first time participating in Movember. I‘ve been involved several times, and once before as part of a team. When I came to Form1 I suggested we support Movember, as one of our monthly charities, and was pleasantly surprised with the support and encouragement I received. I’m really excited to be involved again this year.

Greg’s parents meet his daughter Caitlyn for the first time.

This year, 2017, Movember is asking Australians to imagine life without the men in their lives. Sadly this is a reality for so many. My Dad is well into his twilight years, but what’s most disheartening is when people who are still young and have their whole lives ahead of them, are afflicted with this terrible disease. This potential passing affects the individual and their extended family.

This year, Movember has also launched the Move challenge, which encourages people to carry out physical activity to raise funds; and the Host initiative, where fundraisers are inspired to run events like BBQs and charity football tournaments. The girls, and some of the boys in our office, are doing the Move challenge. I love that there are more ways for people to get involved, and if you don’t want to grow a mo you don’t have to. Organising a team is a great way to be part of it – it keeps everyone focused and makes it fun.

Growing a Mo as a bloke is easy enough, if not a bit of a laugh, but raising money for a worthy cause is a very satisfying experience. I don’t like to set targets but to raise $200 would be a nice start. I’d love people to donate to our team or better still, join us! The more the merrier.

Support Greg, or join our Form1 Movember team, here

Every month, at Form1 we’re looking for a cause or charity to support. If you have a charity that’s close to your heart, head over to the Our Promise page and send us a request. 

The start of the Mo.vement

Movember, like many good things, was born when a couple of mates got bantering over a couple of beers. In 2003, the Movember Foundation charity launched, to raise money for prostate cancer research and from there the bright idea went global. Since its inception the campaign has raised more than $750m for research into men’s health issues, including men’s mental health.

Photo by Ludvig Wiese on Unsplash