Giving Back

At Form1 we’re always seeking new ways to give back to the community. When the opportunity arose to help Destiny Haven - a residential property in the Hunter Region, for women recovering from life-controlling illnesses - we jumped in.

On Saturday, May 26, 2018, nine staff members from the Form1 group of businesses, drove to a property in the Hunter Region of NSW. A few months earlier our office had received a phone call from a young lady asking for a quote. There was nothing unusual about the call, but as we soon discovered, there was something special about the business.

Destiny Haven is a residential place of healing for women trying to overcome life-controlling issues such as, drug and alcohol addiction, eating disorders and self harm. The center is a not-for-profit, run by Janine and Lewis Epere, a dedicated couple who, after beating their own addictions, have spent their lives helping others do the same.

“We decided to donate our time to do the work and our good friends and suppliers at Ampac donated the equipment,” says Warwick Armstrong, Form1 Northern Branch Manager.  

“The facility had ageing smoke alarms that needed replacing. They were interconnected so if one goes off they would all go off, however staff would not know which room the alarm had originated in, so it would take time to investigate,” says Warwick.

“We installed an addressable detection and warning system so the room which detects the smoke is identified on a fire control panel. Alarm sounders alert the occupants when the system is activated and staff can save valuable time identifying the location of the fire in a real situation. We also conducted testing of their exit lighting system. There were a number of lights that failed and we have since been back to replace the faulty ones. TLE Electrical Wholesalers and Legrand donated replacement light fittings. The whole day was a great team building exercise and it was good to have all of the Form1 businesses – Fire, Air and GLS – represented.”

A beautiful lunch with the team at Destiny Haven

“The whole team got a lot out of helping others and we learnt a lot too,” adds Form1 Service Co-ordinator, Paige Shirlaw. “I got to set up the detector bases and logged the fire extinguishers, which was new to me. And we were involved in testing everything at the end of the day.”

“Everyone at Destiny was lovely,” says Meredith Coxon (Service Admin, Form1). “We had morning tea and lunch with some the women and spent time in the chocolate shop – we went back a few times to check it was still there,” she laughs. “Jodie, one of the ladies, was a drug addict in Melbourne for years. A social worker told her about Destiny and she’s been here ever since. She works there now and her two kids live onsite.”

The whole day was a valuable and unforgettable experience for everyone involved. Special thanks go to all the Form1 staff who volunteered their time : Meredith Coxon, Paige Shirlaw, Ben Wilson, Warren Bodycote, George Zervos, Kyle Shirlaw, Levi Costolo, Steve Shirlaw and Warwick Armstrong. And a special thanks to Ampac Technologies, who donated the fire panel and equipment.

Click here to read our interview with Destiny Haven, CEO and co-founder, Janine Epere.