Inspiring Caring Conversations 

In honour of men’s mental health, we’re asking you to; Stop. Ask. Ask again. 

It’s a devastating statistic but, did you know, men in Australia are three times more likely to die by suicide, than women. Not that we’d accept a woman’s statistic being higher, but this trend is the same across many countries and what it highlights is the men in our lives are suffering, often in silence. 

Suicide is a sensitive and complex issue but one key factor to men feeling so helpless is their inability to talk about their feelings. This year, to support men’s mental health, we’re asking you to Stop, Ask and Ask Again. Here’s what this means to us; 

STOP : What you’re doing right now;
ASK : A male, this might be your husband, friend, son, dad, brother or colleague, if they’re ok.
ASK AGAIN : Don’t stop after their first answer. Ask again, ‘R U ok?’ And, ‘What’s really going on?’

Men may not always feel comfortable enough to speak up, so it’s time for all of us to be more aware and start having caring conversations. Conversations where we open up, support each other and make time to really listen. Many men, it appears, are often in pain. And some take drastic action, before those close to them have realised anything is even wrong.

Click here to read a letter from Form1 CEO, Steve Shirlaw. 

Learn more, or donate to the Black Dog Institute, and empower everyone to live mentally healthy lives.