Let’s talk sustainability + WIN an Eco Bottle

Sustainability. Yep, it’s a buzz word with all the potential for colossal consequences. At Form1, CEO Steve Shirlaw says, ‘We understand it’s time to embrace change and prepare for impact.”

Putting the environment first is becoming a greater priority for all businesses, across all industries, big or small. So, what does it mean these days for a business to be sustainable?

For any business to be sustainable, it means the decisions they make and business models they choose, are firmly rooted in financial, environmental and social concerns. Or, as we like to think of it, a business that makes all it’s decisions with profits, people and the planet in mind.

As our planet continues to push back, more businesses and industry are taking responsibility for their actions, and working hard to reduce their impact, look after their community and bring about positive social change.

“This year, at Form1, we’ve definitely picked up our game,” says CEO Steve Shirlaw.

With the introduction of three new policies, including Waste Collections and Disposal, Environmental Sustainability and Environmental Management System, the business has made it their mission to further consider their impact on the planet.

“From day-to-day office recycling, to recycling batteries and soft plastics, it’s costing the business money, but nothing compared to the cost on our planet, if we don’t change our behaviour.”

The Form1 policy proposes, ‘income collected from recycling of batteries, scrap metal and cable
will be used to incentivise team members through social events.’  

Empowering others

Often it takes something outside of our day-to-day existence to open our eyes to what’s possible. Steve’s wakeup call came on a trip overseas.

“I’ve always believed travel opens your eyes,” he says. “I came back from a trip to Bali and the world looked different. You look around at the amount of waste in some of the most beautiful places on the planet, and it gets you thinking. In Austria, on the other hand, they’re doing a great job when it comes to recycling. We’re making more conscious choices now. We’re doing more, but it also feels like we’re behind. One day you wake up and realise, you have to take responsibility.”

GLS, a Form1 business in Canberra, have been working with environmentally-friendly policies and practices for years, and Steve is confident the rest of the business can catch up. Clients have also taken an interest in their new practices and the reaction from staff has been positive.

“One day you wake up and realise, you have to take responsibility… If we don’t start making changes now, the world looks pretty crappy.” -Steve Shirlaw, CEO, Form1

“Our clients are really engaged in what we’re doing (to help the environment) and that’s driven us to look further into what we can do,” says Steve. “It all starts with making one small change – that’s empowering. One small change creates momentum and inspires you to move forward and make more changes.”

At Form1 their focus is always on empowering others to make smarter choices, from staff and contractors to suppliers and clients. This relates to personal and work-related decisions and covers all aspects of personal safety, environmental care, health, wealth and wellbeing.

In 2019 Form1 launched #passion4theplanet, a social media campaign encouraging the community to use reusable coffee cups. Anyone who shares a planet hack and tags #passion4theplanet and #myForm1cup, on instagram, is sent a Form1 official Frank Green coffee cup.

“We’ve had a good response and it’s exciting to see others embracing change. We still have cups to send out to anyone who gets involved,” says Form1 Marketing Coordinator, Sylai Popal. “Find us on Instagram, share your planet hack and we’ll send you a Frank Green cup – it’s that simple.”

At Form1, it’s a case of, the changes made today will directly impact tomorrow. “It’s about the future,” exclaims Steve. “I don’t believe it’s going to impact our generation, but future generations. My kids and my grandkids generations. If we don’t start making changes today the world looks pretty crappy. Who is going to be able to enjoy the natural wonders of the world if it’s all destroyed?”

This September we’re giving away one Form1 TERRA Eco Bottle every weekday.

To go in the draw tell us in 25 words, or less, what you’re doing in your home, or business, to improve sustainability.

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