A Step Ahead in Air Quality

Australia’s worst bushfire season has wreaked havoc on air quality, especially for Aged Care residents. Now it’s time for better education and air quality solutions. 


This year’s unprecedented bushfire crisis has resulted in poor air quality dominating the news, with bushfire smoke in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra being some of the worst in the world for air quality on certain days.

Aged Care residents are particularly vulnerable to breathing difficulties from these conditions, and NSW Ambulance experienced a 50 per cent increase in respiratory callouts during the first six days of 2020, compared to the same period last year.

The Department of Planning, Industry, and Environment monitor the Air Quality Index (AQI) and update it hourly. You can subscribe to daily DPIE Air Quality updates for your selected location, delivered by SMS or email, via the following link https://www.dpie.nsw.gov.au/air-quality/subscribe-to-air-quality-updates

A Focus On Education

According to the Public Health Association of Australia, children under the age of 14, those over 65, pregnant women and individuals with pre-existing respiratory issues are at the highest risk during periods of poor air quality.

And now the focus is on education, to teach people about the dangers of poor air quality, in the same way we’ve been educated about the risks of sun exposure, and its affect on skin cancer. The federal government has announced $5m worth of grants to fund research into the physical and mental health impacts of smoke exposure. 

“We’ve reached a point where we have to navigate air quality like we’ve never been forced to before, and I liken it to the days when we realised the level of UV rays from the sun contribute to skin cancer,” said Terry Slevin, the CEO of Public Health Association of Australia.

Check your air quality with Cetec 

It’s always a good time to consider air quality for your residents and team members, perhaps now even more so. Form1 have built an exclusive partnership with Cetec Professional Scientific Solutions and may be able to assist you with any questions and enquiries. 

Cetec provide detailed air quality and environmental reporting that is particularly beneficial to Aged Care facilities, with reports covering thermal comfort, ventilation, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, airborne and surface microbial studies, and includes AHU and HVAC system inspections.

 For more information contact your local Form1 office.