Air conditioning services can reduce the spread of airborne viruses in your building

Is your environment the healthiest it can be? The right air conditioning services can dramatically decrease the spread of airborne viruses in your building. Form1 Air offer Germicidal Disinfection, to help protect you and your people.

With the flu season upon us, we have been looking at how our air conditioning services can help you protect your most valuable asset – your people. It is imperative, right now, that we are all doing the best we can to protect the environments we live, and work, in.

For those in later years, or heavily-populated buildings, such as schools, aged care facilities, hospitals and office blocks, the chance of catching airborne viruses is greater. Therefore, more serious measures should be taken, to fight the spread of infection. The right air conditioning services, can help do just that. 

According to the World Health Organisation, “Poorly ventilated buildings affect air quality and can contribute to the spread of disease. Microorganisms can be transmitted by air-conditioning systems, particularly when they are poorly maintained or when the number of air exchanges per hour in a room is insufficient. In health facilities, where there is a high concentration of infectious patients, evidence shows that poorly ventilated buildings have higher risks of infectious disease transmission for patients, workers, and visitors.”

At Form1 Air we create healthy environments so everyone in your building can function at their best. As part of our air conditioning services, we also provide Germicidal Disinfection, using Air Disinfection Systems and Germicidal Lamps, to assist in making your building a safer place to be.

What is Germicidal Disinfection?
Air Disinfection systems are designed to improve air quality in air conditioning systems. Our air disinfection systems use UVC rays to reduce or eliminate germs, viruses, moulds and bacteria from the recirculated air, reducing risk of airborne disease.

How does it work?
Air is drawn through the filtration system to remove airborne dust particles. As the filtered air passes through the germicidal lamps, they destroy bacteria and viruses. The air then passes through the heating/ cooling coils and is discharged to the conditioned area. The quantity of UV lamps required is dependent on the volume and velocity of air to be treated.

Air Conditioning Services : the advantages of Germicidal Disinfection 

  • Superior filtration;
  • Suitable for all buildings, including aged care facilities, hospitals and schools etc;
  • Sized to each application;
  • No Chemicals required;
  • Can be adapted to most air conditioning systems.

Remember, buildings where people are in high concentration are highly efficient at spreading disease. 
What can you do today to protect your people and their environment? If you have any questions about your air conditioning services, please give us a call.

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What is an airborne disease?

Airborne disease can spread when people with certain infections cough, sneeze, or talk, spewing nasal and throat secretions into the air. Some viruses or bacteria take flight and hang in the air or land on other people or surfaces.

When you breathe in airborne pathogenic organisms, they take up residence inside you. You can also pick up germs when you touch a surface that harbours them, and then touch your own eyes, nose, or mouth. Because these diseases travel in the air, they’re hard to control.


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