Form1 Air: Insights from the field

This month we’re bringing you observations from an exciting Form1 Air project at Kareena Private Hospital. By Trent Bourne, Service Supervisor, Form1 Air.    

The Client: Kareena Private Hospital, Sydney. Craig Birss, Maintenance Manager. 

The project: Replace rusted, damaged roof sheeting above the operating theatres. 

The challenges:  

  • After discussing the project with Craig we knew we would need the Form1 Air team to decommission and remove any of the existing mechanical services that where sitting on the damaged roof area. This required us to remove four outdoor condensing units and all the solid metal duct work for operating Theatre 1 and CSSD air con systems. 
  • The existing solid duct work had been in place for 20 years and was rust affected, therefore we would need to upgrade all the metal duct work. 
  • The main obstacle was the weather. Every time we tried to book it in the weather forecast would change and we would have to postpone it. We could not afford rain while the roof sheets were off, because it would do major damage to the operating theatres.

The solution:   

  • We had all the new duct work made up and arranged a 100-tonne crane lift and portable air conditioning hire. The crane was to lift the old duct work and roof sheets down from the plant room area and all the new materials back up. The portable air cons were so the areas that were affected by the project could still have some cooling, while the main air cons where offline.
  • Originally, the work had to be completed over a weekend to minimise the theatres down time. COVID-19 stopped most surgeries which allowed us do the work during normal hours. 
  • Once Craig gave the approval the project went smoothly. We had a helping hand from Kyle, from our Newcastle team, and everyone put in great effort to get the project completed.

    Form1_Kareena Private Project
    Form1_Kareena Private Project

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