PROFILE: Ian Hamilton, Workplace Trainer, PRM Training

With 35 years of frontline experience and a passion for keeping people safe, Ian Hamilton wears the badge of Workplace Trainer, at PRM in Orange, with pride. We caught up with Ian to talk education, vocational training and why there’s a good chance he may never retire. 

As the Workplace Trainer at PRM Training in Orange, Ian Hamilton spends his life teaching others how to stay safe. With an extensive CV including 15 years with the NSW Police, 15 years with Fire and Rescue NSW and six years with the Royal Australian Navy, Ian is the person you want in charge of your workplace safety. 

“In my three careers I’ve seen more tragedy, death and trauma than anyone ever should. And it’s made me more passionate to ensure people get home safely,” admits Ian. 

PRM are experts when it comes to emergency management and planning. The team are highly experienced and driven by excellence and quality. 

“All our trainers at PRM work in the safety rescue industry,” says Ian. “It’s more than just a job to us. It’s our profession and our investment in the community.”   

Commitment to their community and hands-on experience are just two factors that set PRM apart. 

“If you’re educated you can wing anything, but our greatest strength is that we know our course content from existential experience. We didn’t read about it – we’ve lived it. At PRM we do this for a living, in the real world,” adds Ian. 

Right now, across the industry, Australian regulators are becoming more stringent when it comes to licenses and qualifications. 

“They are positive aspects,” adds Ian. “Because the cream will always rise to the top. Those who aren’t invested in the industry will find it difficult to flourish.” 


If you’re lucky enough to attend a training, or complete a course, with PRM you’ll quickly understand why vocational training is essential. 

“I call myself a pragmatic academic. I really, really endorse vocational training over academic training. I’m passionate about teaching people the actual skills they require to survive. 

“At PRM we teach specific to the industry we’re training so it’s not generic. Every client gets tailored training that’s contextual to their work, their duties and their capabilities,” explains Ian. 

As well as a critical debrief after any event, prevention is key and Ian says there are three reasons accidents often occur in the first place. 

“One is apathy – people just don’t care. Two is lethargy – people are too lazy to do anything. And three is complacency – people think, ‘it’s never going to happen to me’,” he explains. 


The culture in PRM is built on respectful relationships by people who are experts in their field. 

“I worked with Aaron (PRM Owner and Lead Trainer) in the past. When I moved to Orange, three years ago, we reconnected and discovered a six degrees of separation theory through a mutual family connection. Aaron and I have a social and a professional relationship,” says Ian proudly. 

“We’re good friends and we have a lot in common – we both love the outdoors, motorcycles and the land. On a professional level we’ve committed our lives to workplace safety.” 

While a life on the land sounds blissful, Ian admits he won’t be retiring anytime soon.  

“I just turned 60 and I want to retire but Aaron won’t let me,” he laughs. “I take it as a huge compliment that he still wants me around.”  

If Ian has it his way he’ll be educating, training and supporting people in the community for years to come. 

“My whole professional life I’ve served the community on a National, Local and State level. Knowledge is such a gift. It’s pointless for me to do all this work and not share it with others. If I keep it to myself, what value is that? The gift is in the giving.” 

To learn more, contact Ian at PRM Training | 1800 304 944