St Edward’s College

Wendy Weir is the Property Manager at St Edward’s College - a comprehensive boys’ secondary school with over 1000 students. She is also one of Form1’s first clients and has worked with the business since 1998.

Q: Hi Wendy, how did you first find out about Form1?
Form1 was recommended to me by one of my contractors. At the time, the company was only very small. Steve Shirlaw (the owner) came to the College and met with me to discuss our fire safety requirements. I was immediately impressed by his attention to detail and professional approach. He was very concerned with getting the best outcome for our College and made sure all standards were met appropriately.

Q: Wow, that’s a long time with one provider. Can you recall the first job they completed for you?
Today (2017), Form1 has been with the College for approximately 18 years. Their first job was to service our portable equipment which included fire extinguishers, blankets and hose reels. They also tested our fire panel and response system. Over the years this has expanded greatly to encompass many more services.

Q: Can you tell us about the type of fire safety work Form1 carries out for you?
Our extensive campus houses over four distinct and multi-level buildings that require regular fire protection and maintenance services. Form1 services and maintains all our fire services including fire detection in all buildings, monthly testing of the fire system, annual testing of fire and smoke walls, hydrants and portable equipment.

We selected Form1 (for fire safety) because of their efficiency, knowledge of our requirements and their high standard of workmanship.- Wendy Weir, Property Manager, St Edward’s College


Q: Talk us through one specific project – the fire safety work carried out, and how satisfied you were with the job?
We’ve just finished an $11,000,000 Library and Music Centre. Form1 were contracted for all the fire services in this building, from the design stage. We were very impressed by their professionalism and workmanship on completion. At all stages they maintained close contact with the Property Manager and architects to ensure the design was not compromised and building standards were met.

Q: What are the top reasons you choose Form1 for fire safety?
We selected Form1 because of their efficiency, knowledge of our requirements and their high standard of workmanship. The staff are all very professional and respectful of our students and staff with nothing being too much trouble. One of the most outstanding features of working with Form1 is the nature of their ongoing relationship and the outstanding, high standard they consistently maintain.

Q: What’s your day-to-day experience like with Form1?
My experience working with Form1 has always been incredibly positive. I think this starts with the owner who, despite not living on the Central Coast, keeps a very close eye and a keen interest in the operations of the company. His interest extends way beyond that of a normal owner/client – he takes a personal interest that is very genuine and sincere. I witnessed this first hand when I suffered a period of poor health.

Q: Would you recommend Form1 to others?
I would highly recommend Form1 to others because of their professionalism, high standard of service and outstanding follow-up service to all clients.

Q: Why has Form1 been a good fit for your business?
Form1 is an excellent fit for our business as their high standards are essential – our College needs to comply with strict regulations for educational institutions.

Q: What matters most to you when dealing with professionals and fire safety providers?
The most important aspect for our College, when dealing with providers, is their excellent service and follow up. It is important for the providers to be polite and well-mannered as they are often dealing with teachers and students, so they need to maintain a professional standard which reflects the ethos of our College. To this end, Form1 is eminently suitable and a great role model for the young boys in our College who are looking to move into the industry.