Fire training – the often missing link in fire safety

Form1 Group CEO, Steve Shirlaw, says safety always starts with education. In this blog he outlines the importance of fire training and how it fits into every safety management plan.
PRM Lead Consulting

I’ve been working in the field of fire safety my entire career. For thirty-five years I have been caring for my clients, educating them on the importance of fire safety, and helping them save time, money, and stress.

Yet there is still one fundamental problem I come across when it comes to fire safety. And that is this – even with all the correct equipment, installation, maintenance, and repairs, many businesses, and their people, are not trained in how to operate and respond to their fire safety equipment.

The truth is our teams at Form1 Fire, Form1 Air, and GLS NSW can install all the best equipment, including fire panels, emergency warning systems, sprinkler systems, stair pressurisation, extinguishers, fire and smoke doors (the list goes on), but if the people who work inside a building are not trained to cope with, and use, all the safety measures on hand they will always have trouble responding to an emergency. And unfortunately, that’s when accidents and loss of life can occur.

Fire training for your team

If you, or your team, don’t know how to operate your essential services, or respond when they are activated, crucial time can be lost and lives put in danger. That’s why I tell all my clients, “Education is the first step in your safety management plan”. Do the training that’s required so you know how to operate and evacuate correctly.

In 2020 PRM Training joined the Form1 Group. They are one of Australia’s leading emergency management consulting firms and experts at delivering specialised one-on-one consulting, bespoke training, and client-focused solutions to keep your people out of harm’s way.

At Form1 we fully understand your safety story which is why we continue to successfully deliver end-to-end safety solutions for hospitals, schools, aged care facilities and more.

I am a big believer that making good choices starts with the correct education. If you need a hand educating your team and training your people today, before an emergency occurs, please drop us a line. Our team at PRM are the best in the business – Steve Shirlaw, Form1 CEO

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