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Our Culture

At Form1, culture is our currency and people sit at the heart of everything we do. In 2007 we created the Form1 Culture Map – a clear set of company values that motivate us daily and drive our identity, our integrity and our philosophy. Creating the Culture Map was a team effort that included management staff, technicians and office staff. At that stage our company intent was ‘To Evolve’. In 2014 the company’s focus shifted to what it is today, ‘To Lead’.

From there we agreed on 16 value words that define our business, and summed them up using three key words – team, integrity and growth. We gave meaning to each of our values using key words, explored the source meaning and discussed the exercises we would commit to each year to ensure we are living up to our culture. Creating the Culture Map is one of the most empowering things we’ve done together as a team. Here’s a snapshot of our three key words and what they stand for.


This highlights how we experience working together on a daily basis. At the cornerstone of teamwork are our four key pillars – trust, leadership, passion and belief.


As a business we take our ethical values seriously and encourage everyone we meet to be respectful, open, honest and fair. We show accountability and pride in everything we do.


At Form1 we are open to change and ambition, knowledge and personal development are integral to our success. We provide opportunities for individuals to grow, both at work and in their personal lives, and always value the opinions of others. Based on these values our fully comprehensive fire, air and electrical solutions are designed with the ongoing safety of your business and the comfort of your people in mind. We refuse to cut corners or settle for a quick fix and strive to support you with education and knowledge, so you have peace of mind and are empowered to make smarter choices on a daily basis.

Company culture starts with team

In 2014 the Form1 Culture Team came to life – a special committee of staff who are passionate about our company culture. Our committee meets every quarter to contribute ideas and discuss how we can improve the overall feeling and function of the business. It’s important to us that people from all departments have a voice and new committee members are invited to join each year.

“Form1’s long-term success relies on a strong culture, internally and externally,” explains Steve Shirlaw (CEO). “As the culture has grown so has the business which has given us the opportunity to invest in our staff and clients through powerful initiatives like team development days and wellness programs. You’ll see a lot more of these ideas in the future.”

One of the most popular activities at Form1 is our monthly Toolbox Talk. Once a month, in three of our branches, we bring the field teams together to talk and connect. We speak about issues, celebrate big wins, acknowledge team members and share experiences over great coffee and good food. Our Toolbox Talks are an open forum where everyone is encouraged to speak up and we often invite clients to join us.

We’re proud to say our culture creates a ripple effect, from our work in the field to our clients and relationships in the industry. The majority of our business comes from personal recommendations so we can spend more time and energy on servicing you and less time advertising our services. We look forward to sharing the journey with you as we work towards celebrating a successful 20 years in 2018.

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