Sydney Southwest Private Hospital

Harry Beeksma is the Maintenance Manager at Sydney Southwest Private Hospital. He values relationships and is grateful for working with reliable faces he can trust.

Q: Hi Harry, can you tell us about Sydney Southwest Private Hospital?
We are an 87-bed hospital with seven operating theatres now. We recently extended our hospital to include two extra theatres, 14 surgical beds, which opened on April 10, 2019, and 20 consulting suites.

Q: What work has Form1 completed to the upgraded facility?
We replaced our Fire Panel to an Addressable Panel and all of the smoke detectors were replaced, throughout the hospital, which was very challenging for Form1. The works were done in two parts – a full install in new building areas, cabling infrastructure and devices. In the existing hospital we replaced FIP and all devices. Kevin Wright (Project Manager) and Luke Watts (Service Technician/ electrician), were amazing in the transition and Luke was a great resource – always communicating with the hospital. The work was completed without impacting the hospital’s operations and patient care. Form1 apprentice Daniel Wall was also a great help and onsite for six to nine months.

Q: When did you first come across Form1?
I use to work at St George Private Hospital, in Kogarah & Kareena Private Hospital, in Caringbah, around 2002, and Steve Shirlaw (CEO) and Andy McMurtrie (Business Development) were working together. I got to know Steve and Andy quite well back in those days, as one of them was at the hospital once a month. I think the first job I remember was them changing the fire panel at Kareena Private Hospital around 2005. When I started at Sydney Southwest in 2010, Form1 were already working at the hospital.

I know when I have an issue I can pick up the phone and call Form1 and the issue is sorted. – Harold Beeksma, Sydney Southwest Private Hospital


Q: What do you value most about Form1 and the way they work?
The relationship I’ve built with Form1, over many years, is one important factor. I know when I have an issue I can pick up the phone and call Form1 and the issue is sorted. I’ve known a lot of the boys for quite a few years so there’s a lot of trust. Generally, it’s the same technician that comes out to do the monthly service – that helps because I don’t need to show a new guy around every month, which can be very frustrating.

Q: Would you recommend Form1 to other Maintenance Managers?
Yes, I would recommended Form1. I value their systems, the folders that are made up and the Tech’s always put the service dockets into the folder. I always have a laugh with the guys.   

Q: How valuable is the service Form1 provides?
Very valuable to me and the hospital. And they are only ever a phone call away.

Q: What matters most to you when dealing with providers?
Reliability, consistency and communication. And you always get the same technicians coming to the site.

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