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Proudly owned and operated in Australia since 1998, Form1 Group are your fire safety specialists, air conditioning experts, offer emergency management consulting and training, and solutions in electrical technology. We also have an extensive and positive history of community engagement and in 2020 we launched the Form1 Community.

As a company we educate, inspire, and connect with partners, charities, and community initiatives we care about. This includes and is not limited to cash donations, fundraising, and participation in annual events such as Variety Bash for Variety the Children’s Charity. We also invest time and money into projects such as Cards for Connection® and our environmental policy.

At Form1 we understand how we look after people, and the planet, matters. Here are some of the initiatives and partners we are involved with:

Our Initiatives

Making connections, bringing people together, and ethical actions, are all an essential part of community life at Form1. As a business we
thrive on helping others and being surrounded by like-minded companies and individuals – community focus is a core part of our company identity.

At Form1 we are always interested in learning more. Whether you have a charity you would like to nominate for support, a company you believe we could use to improve our carbon footprint, or a special event that’s close to your heart, we would love to hear about it.

If you would like to recommend or share your community initiative please send us a message in the contact us box below.

For more information on the Form1 Community, please click here.

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