Who We Are

Our Culture

At Form1, culture is our currency and people sit at the heart of everything we do. In 2007, as a business, we spent time, money, and energy creating the Form1 Culture Map – a set of company values that motivate us daily and drive our identity, our integrity, and our philosophy.

Creating the Form1 Culture Map was a team effort, with input from management, technicians, and office staff. In the early days our company intent was ‘To Evolve’. In 2014 our group focus shifted and became what it is today, ‘To Lead’. 

Across the Form1 Group of businesses three key words define our culture. They are team, integrity, and growth.

When we developed the Form1 Culture Map we explored the meaning of each value through defining key words, discovered the source meaning, and committed to exercises to ensure we live up to our culture daily.

Creating the Form1 Culture Map is one of the most empowering things we have done as a business. Here is a snapshot of our values and what they stand for.


Team highlights how we experience working together on a daily basis. At the cornerstone of teamwork are four key pillars;

– Trust
– Leadership
– Passion
– Belief


As a business we take our ethical values seriously and encourage everyone we meet to be respectful, open, honest and fair. We show accountability and pride in everything we do.


At Form1 we are open to change and ambition, and knowledge and personal development are integral to our success. We provide opportunities for individuals to grow, at work and in their personal lives, and always value
the opinions of others.

Based on these core company values our fully comprehensive fire safety, air conditioning, training and consultancy, and electrical services are designed with the ongoing safety of your business and the comfort of your people in mind.

At Form1 we refuse to cut corners or settle for a quick fix. We will strive to support you with education and knowledge, so you always have peace of mind and are empowered to make smarter choices.