Air Solutions for your comfort

Welcome to Form1 Air where we help create healthier environments, so everyone in your building can function at their best. 

At Form1 Air our team are passionate about people, serious about safety, and always here to help. We understand poor air quality can have a devastating effect on your health and the people in your business. As the air conditioning service experts we work with all our clients to establish safe and healthy environments. 

When people walk into a hospital, school, aged care facility or building, conditioned by Form1 Air, they take a long, deep, healthy breath. Our experienced air conditioning teams love creating healthy environments and are obsessed with maintaining clean air and climate-controlled comfort. 

At Form1 Air we design, install, maintain and certify essential safety measures, to save you time, money and stress. All our air services are fully compliant and operational and we have developed a maintenance schedule in line with current Australian Standards. 

Having a climate-controlled environment isn’t just about comfort, it’s a human right.

Air conditioning services

Utilising our experience Form1 Air can help with the following air conditioning services;

Your air conditioning equipment

Air conditioning equipment must be tested and maintained frequently to ensure it operates correctly. Here’s why…

Get in touch with our experienced and qualified team today to see how we can support the safety and wellbeing of all your staff and occupants.