Who We Are

Our Difference

At Form1 Group we are committed to two things – people and their safety.

From enthusiastic apprentices, training to be world-class safety leaders, to our technicians, service supervisors, administration team,
and management, we are passionate about people, serious about safety, and aligned on our company values – Team, Integrity and Growth. 

Form1 HR Manager, Christian Ure, says, “Form1 is unique. Unique in the sense that we have compassion built into our organisation. Our
staff are compassionate about their clients and our management are compassionate about our employees.”

Across the Form1 Group – Form1 Fire, Form1 Air, PRM Training and gls – we are compelled to care for others. As a company we are also
dynamic, willing to move and adapt for our customers, suppliers, contractors, and staff. 

As we grow at Form1 we continue to broaden our service offerings. This is evident over recent years with the acquisition of Form1 Air, gls NSW, PRM Training, and Form1 Fire heading into Western NSW.

If you need us, we are here for you.

The Form1 Difference


Form1 employees are highly qualified experts in their fields. Form1 has a unique approach to service delivery unlike any other in the industry. Our approach has proven, measurable results in minimising your risk, minimising your cost, and minimising disruption to your occupants. Call us to find out more about how you can enjoy these benefits.


Form1 staff have a growth mindset. They engage, learn, and support each other. As a team we consistently strive to improve our education, our knowledge, and our processes. 

Training and Development

Our mission is to train world-class safety leaders through education. As such we have a dedicated Internal Trainer at Form1 Fire. Sven Knoff is dedicated to supporting our apprentices and technicians to develop confident skills and technical abilities. This ensures a consistent approach to safety across the Form1 Group. 


Form1 exclusively offer Cetec indoor environmental quality assessment reporting. In conjunction with our partners, Cetec, Form1 offer quality assessment reporting on thermal comfort, ventilation, carbon monoxide, airborne particles, airborne and surface microbial study, including AHU and HVAC system inspections, ensuring your occupants and staff are breathing the cleanest possible air, promoting good health, comfort, and happiness. 


It is a mandatory requirement for all Form1 staff to undergo Police Records Checks and Working with Children Checks as a condition of their employment with Form1. This means you have peace of mind knowing all Form1 staff attending your site do not have a criminal record, and have clearance to work where children are present, ensuring your occupants, staff, and guests are safe at all times. 

Quality Control

Form1 maintain full control over delivery to your site. We have a full complement of tradesmen on our team including electrical, plumbing, sprinkler fitting, carpentry, mechanical (diesel), refrigeration and air conditioning, sheet metal work, passive fire, and portable fire equipment. This means Form1 maintains full control over the delivery of quality service to your sites at all times. 


Form1 is more cost effective overall due to a substantial reduction in your total costs throughout the year. This comes as a result of Form1’s unique service delivery methodology which we are happy to share with you in detail when we connect.


Form1 participates in environmentally sustainable practices. We care about protecting the planet and engage in multiple recycling programs.
Read more about our Environmental Sustainability Policy for further details.