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Aged Care

At Form1 we take our business in the Aged Care industry very seriously. 

Most of us know someone with a mother, father or grandparent living in a nursing home or retirement village and their safety, respect and protection is our priority.

We are flexible and always work collaboratively with sites, and residents to minimise disruptions. We respect all residents and seek permission from the person in charge before entering a room. We will always knock and explain to your residents why we are there.

Our team take great care to be available and make sure your fire safety and air-conditioning services are operational at all times. If there is a breakdown in equipment, we will ensure the system is fully operational on the same day. Our serious approach to safety, combined with our passion for people, make us the perfect partner for aged care facilities of all sizes.

All Form1 staff, and technicians, who attend Aged Care facilities, are vaccinated as per Government requirements. For more information visit health.gov.au.

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We are extremely proud of the work we do servicing Schools and Universities in Australia. We believe every student and teacher deserves to learn in a safe and secure environment and work closely with all our clients to ensure ongoing support and education, across installation, design, and maintenance.

Everyday we empower people to make smarter choices and strive to educate our team and clients, which is why we’re so passionate about working in the education space. From our extensive experience, we ensure minimal disruption during term time and have a maintenance crew ready to go in holiday periods. Communication is imperative so we can understand when we have access to certain areas, especially in sites with student accommodation.

Form1 provides flexibility so our access is always conducted at a time that suits you. The safety of your students, educators and visitors is Form1’s mandate, as is ensuring their comfort and enjoyment of clean air. 

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Having a loved one in hospital is never a great time for you or the person you care about. At Form1 the safety of your staff, patients, and their visitors is our primary focus, and ensuring you have clean air to breathe is what we do.

We understand confidentiality is a premium and our staff are trained to cause as little disruption as possible when they’re working in your establishment. We know there are many levels of illness and understand it’s critical to check with the unit manager or nurse station on what rooms are available to enter and always knock before entering.

Our open and honest approach to communication, and focus on education, mean you will always be ahead of the game when it comes to technology and government regulations. Our fire safety and air conditioning solutions will put your mind at ease.

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Commercial / Industrial

At Form1 we’re committed to communicating with you so you’re always one step ahead when it comes to fire safety and air conditioning services. Whether it’s medical research, commercial, pubs, clubs, mining or industrial buildings, we care about your people and your property.

It is our mission to make sure anyone who works, visits or trains within your building is safe and comfortable at all times. Our teams are trained to cause minimal disruption to your daily routine and know communication is imperative to making our customers happy.

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