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Fire safety measures are essential to avoid fire risk at schools. The Catholic Schools Office - Diocese of Broken Bay - facilitate all functions related to 44 schools in the Broken Bay Diocese and have been using Form1 fire services since 2015. Brian Williams was the Procurement Manager, before his retirement.
Form1 case study

Q: Tell us about the type of fire safety work Form1 has carried out for your schools over many years?
In my view one of the most important functions of a fire services company is to provide current and trustworthy advice relating to all areas of Fire Compliance. Many companies can carry out simple services, such as extinguishers, but it’s the more complex areas of compliance where organisations require advice. In my view the professional staff at Form1 are totally up-to-date on the various codes and are happy to discuss issues before action is taken.

Q: Is there one specific project that stands out?
A: We have a particular school precinct of two schools and a major multipurpose hall facility. Each of these facilities had different dates for the AFSS. Form1 negotiated with Council to ensure all individual sites were brought into line, which cut our costs in terms of site visits and administration. Form1 have a particular skill dealing with Local Government Authorities and taking this problem away from the client.

Form1 have a particular skill dealing with Local Government Authorities and taking this problem away from the client. – Brian Williams, Procurement Manager, Catholic Schools Office – Diocese of Broken Bay

Q: What are the top five reasons Catholic Schools (Broken Bay) choose to work with Form1?
A: Form1 have a clear understanding of current legislation, excellent communication skills, a willingness to provide a system-wide price book, which is totally transparent, a preparedness to negotiate and discuss quotes and an ability to solve difficult compliance problems professionally and quickly.

Q: Would you recommend Form1 to others looking to improve fire safety in their schools?
A: Absolutely. They are value for money in a space where other companies have over serviced.

Q: Why has Form1 been a good fit for your business?
A: They are small enough to care about us as an organisation but professional and skilled enough to ensure we meet all the requirements placed on us by the authorities. They are a very important part of our entire compliance strategy.

Q: What matters most to you when dealing with different professionals and providers?
A: Integrity, honesty, knowledgeable and a willingness to engage in two-way discussion.

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