Serious about your comfort, health and safety.

At Form1 our Group of businesses provide excellence in all essential services, including fire safety, air comfort and electrical solutions.

We’re Here For You

We’re proud to say we’ve had decades of experience providing safety solutions across a range of industries including public and private hospital groups, multi-site aged-care organisations, educational, commercial and industrial facilities. From design to installation, we educate our clients, maintain and certify essential safety measures and are committed to raising industry standards by training the next generation of world-class safety leaders.

At Form1 we have an outstanding record of saving our clients thousands of dollars and provide recommendations and solutions to meet both current and future requirements. Dealing with large private and government-based institutions is what we’re great at. We understand the importance of¬†confidentiality and security and work closely with our clients to cause as little disruption as possible to staff and services. We offer exemplary service, effective communication and constructive compliant advice.

Form1 combines strategic management tools with the ability to procure the best subcontractors and suppliers and pride ourselves on creating original protection solutions. We always aim to provide a safe environment for your business and your people.

Beyond our day-to-day services we offer one-to-one consultation, step-by-step how-to guides and online video tutorials. Our knowledge and expertise will always empower you to make smarter choices.

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