A Mother’s Day tradition

This Mother’s Day, thousands of men, women and children will run and walk in the Mother’s Day Classic - Australia’s largest community fundraising event for Breast Cancer research. Form1 CEO, Steve Shirlaw, will be one of them.

“I was asked this week, why I run the Mother’s Day Classic in Sydney. Easy answer – for my Mum, Jen. This year, 2024 will be my fifteen years year running this event, and my 12th running with the memory of my Mum. I started running because Mum suffered from breast cancer. For me, it was a beautiful connection with her, especially when we were there, together, on the day. Seeing her before and after I ran, and having a purpose so close to all of us, was really special. Now, it’s become a tradition that I never want to stop doing. It’s one day each year that I hold so close to my heart.

I remember, a few years ago, I injured my calf the Wednesday before the event. Shattered, I rang Tom my personal trainer in distress and went straight down to see him. He did dry needles on it, strapped it and told me to take the strapping off on Saturday night, and see how I go. On Sunday morning, I ran the 8km event. I was in a lot of pain but I finished. All the way I thought of Mum and how she’d fought cancer for 14 years, and never given up. So, why should I?

My Mum was an incredible woman. I was truly blessed and will be forever grateful to her. She was such a loving person who gave endlessly, and was constantly there for the people close to her, especially her boys and grandchildren.

When Mum passed away she left a space that could never be filled. There was not enough room at her funeral for all the people who wanted to say their goodbyes.

I miss Mum, everyday, and her beautiful qualities. I’m often told I have strength, that I have a beautiful heart and soul, and have so much to give. All of this I learned from my gorgeous Mum.

Many people take their Mum for granted. They do not appreciate how much they give up in their lives for their children. The best qualities you have are often passed down through lessons from your Mum.

This Mother’s Day, I hope you make the effort to connect with the very person you should thank for bringing you into this world. Your Mum.”

Good luck on Sunday, Steve! We’ll be cheering for you, and Jen, and all the mums out there this Mother’s Day. 

What are you doing for your mum this Sunday? Find out more about the Mother’s Day Classic, or donate, here.