Lady Davidson Private Hospital

Deane Presdee is the Maintenance Manager at Lady Davidson Private Hospital in Sydney. He says the key to having a well-maintained facility is protection, which allows better patient care and a safer experience for all.
Form1 Case Study

Q: Hi Deane, Lady Davidson is a special place. Can you tell us a bit about it.
Davidson is a specialised rehabilitation hospital. The facility is 100 years old and situated on four acres in Sydney. The site was originally for DVA patients (Returned Service Personnel) for every conflict since World War 1. The hospital is 24-hour operation and comprises of multiple buildings and various Fire infrastructure, as required for Class 9 under BCA for Hospital environments.

Q: Form1 provide your fire protection services. When did you first come across Form1?
Steve (Shirlaw) and his Form1 Fire team have served Lady Davidson Private Hospital since 2005. Steve had not long been contracted to perform fire safety testing and maintenance at the hospital just prior to my appointment as Maintenance Manager. I believe Lady Davidson Hospital was Form1 Fire’s first step into the Sydney marketplace from Newcastle.

Q: Form1 have helped you rectify some crucial issues over the years. Can you tell us about some of the challenges?
In 2009, the hospital was experiencing on average three to four fire alarms per week. FRNSW fee at the time were $350 per call. In addition to this was the disruption of normal business for the hospital staff and patients, and sleep, as a number of alarms occurred after-hours. The frequency of alarms, most being false, has the adverse effect as staff become very complacent concerning fire alarms. After consultation with Steve, regarding cause and possible solutions, a plan was developed to budget, and to progressively install an Addressable Ampac system in the hospital.

Q: That’s a large project.
Because of the size and cost of the install, the plan focused on the high-risk areas primarily, these being ward areas with patients. Then to continue to other outlying buildings in a progressive manner, dependent upon risk factors. This plan incorporated consolidation of a Sub-FIP. (site at time had seven sub-FIP’s) and for the inclusion of mimic panels in the ward areas for improved response and communication to staff. The progressive upgrade encompassed three years of work. The upgrade has paid off, not only in dollars (call fees today are $1800!) but also in the elimination of the business disruption and improved staff response to fire alarms. 

“I have seen Form1 grow and expand into the Sydney area and I am not the least bit surprised. Steve’s work ethic filters down his business and through his staff.” – Deane Presdee, Lady Davidson Private Hospital


Q: Wins all round. What are the main reasons you value working with Form1 for your fire protection services?
Quality of work, dependability and knowledge of industry standards and practices. The team are always friendly, always helpful and team is the key word – they work as one.

Q: Word of mouth is the original social media platform. Would you recommend Form1 to others?
I have within the Health industry and will continue to do so. They give sound advice and knowledge, whilst remaining competitive in the fire protection services industry. They excel at customer service and PM work is always performed correctly. There is very good documentation utilised by Form1’s Simpro system, which is invaluable during annual ESS audits.

Q: How valuable are the fire protection services Form1 provides your facility?
Invaluable. Being a hospital site, the level of fire detection and testing to applicable standards is rated very high. Maintenance of the installed fire detection is mandatory. Having a system that is user friendly, cost effective and of low impact to your customers is very beneficial.    

Q: Why has Form1 been a good fit for your business and your industry?
Installed fire detection systems correctly maintained, should primarily operate correctly to standards. Further to this they should not detract or disrupt normal continuity of business. Lady Davidson Private Hospital has gone from disruptions, caused by fire alarms three to four times a week, to a very substantial reduction of fire alarms to currently being a 12-month plus period of grace. The effect of this reduction to the hospital business can be rated as an extreme improvement not only from monetary value, but from patient experience and staff involvement as they are able to focus on their core duties of patient care.      

Q: What matters when you are dealing with professionals and fire protection service providers?
Returning an enquiry promptly and with the correct information. In a busy work environment, no manager wants to be following up a contractor on unreturned calls or enquiries, jobs or services. Deficiencies in a fire detection system takes priority over the day-to-day work. Dealing with Form1 over the years I have never been let down. They are a contractor I do not have to ‘chase up’. Correct and clear information concerning work scheduling, quotations and testing asset logs are always provided on-time.  

Q: Thanks Deane, and thanks for being a key partner in Form1’s growth.
I have seen Form1 grow and expand into the Sydney area and I am not the least bit surprised. Form1 delivers exceptional customer service and Steve’s work ethic filters down his business and through to his staff.  

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