Clevertronics Zoneworks XT HIVE L10: The Ultimate Emergency Lighting Solution

In the realm of emergency lighting systems, efficiency, reliability, and cost-effectiveness are paramount. Imagine a system that not only reduces costs but also minimises disruptions and extends the life cycle of your emergency lighting infrastructure. Enter Zoneworks XT HIVE L10, the revolutionary emergency lighting system that is changing the game.

What is Zoneworks XT HIVE L10?

Zoneworks XT HIVE L10 has redefined the way emergency lighting is designed, installed, and managed. It stands as the world’s most advanced emergency lighting system on the market, offering a host of benefits that make it an indispensable asset for any facility.

One of the key innovations of Zoneworks XT HIVE is its dynamic self-managed (DSM) meshing technology, which drastically simplifies the installation process. With this technology, every fitting self-discovers other fittings around it to form “colonies” that dynamically build the network. These colonies communicate exclusively with each other, eliminating interference with other wireless networks even when operating on the same frequency. This maximises the efficiency of the overall network while minimising commissioning and system management time.

Benefits of Zoneworks XT HIVE L10:

  1. Extended Warranty: Enjoy a 10-year warranty on fittings, ensuring long-term reliability and peace of mind.
  2. Latest Technology: The system utilises cutting-edge computer monitoring technology for real-time data and reporting.
  3. Flexibility: Upgrade fittings as needed, reducing disruption and ensuring continuous operation.
  4. Less Disruption: Minimal disruption to residents, patients, staff, students, or customers, with no requirement for out-of-hours testing.
  5. Remote Monitoring: Monitor your emergency lighting system remotely, allowing for proactive maintenance and minimising reactive responses.
  6. Cost Savings: Reduce maintenance costs by only replacing parts identified by the system. With one controller managing up to 1000 fittings, costs are significantly reduced.
  7. Environmental Impact: Zoneworks XT HIVE reduces environmental waste by optimising maintenance and reducing the need for replacement parts.
  8. Security: Each fitting is issued a unique encryption key, ensuring secure communication within the network and preventing unauthorised access.
  9. Scalability: Easily add additional buildings or areas as needed, adapting to changes in the scope of your facilities.
  10. Budget Planning: The system tracks warranty and life cycle of fittings, allowing for better budget planning and maximising cost savings.

Cost Savings and Instant Returns:

The Zoneworks XT HIVE L10 system offers immediate returns on investment through various cost-saving measures:

  • Reduction in maintenance costs by only replacing identified parts.
  • No requirement for out-of-hours testing, reducing operational costs.
  • Elimination of additional cabling, reducing installation costs.
  • Reduction in reactive call-outs due to remote system visibility.
  • Enhanced warranty tracking for optimal budget planning.


Security Measures:

Zoneworks XT HIVE L10 ensures data security and system integrity through its unique encryption key system. Just like bees in a colony, each fitting communicates only with authorised members of the network, ensuring privacy and preventing unauthorised access.

Zoneworks XT HIVE L10 is not just an emergency lighting system; it’s a comprehensive solution that empowers facilities to reduce costs, minimise disruptions, and extend the life cycle of their emergency lighting infrastructure. With its advanced technology, cost-saving features, and robust security measures, Zoneworks XT HIVE L10 is the ultimate choice for modern facilities looking to enhance safety and efficiency.

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