PRM Home Fire Safety Seminar

PRM Operations Manager, Emmett McGregor, is serious about safety and passionate about people. Here he reflects on what it’s like when work feels like home, PRM’s home fire safety seminar, and why he’s dedicated his life to keeping your people out of harm’s way.
PRM Home Safety

As the Operations Manager at PRM, I am proud to be at the forefront of training and consulting in Australia. Some 23 years ago, with my then business partner Jim Graef, we were busy developing a new fall protection course for our contract to run the training, consulting, and engineering division for DBI Canada – the world’s premium height safety brand.

I had recently joined Jim’s Company, Kinetic Safety Inc, and this deal would rapidly propel us forward to the eventual sale of KSI to DBI’s parent company, Capital Safety, and our role facilitating the training and consulting for Capital’s North American Operations.

KSI was my dream job. Jim was a friend and colleague, before KSI, so when I joined not only did I know how talented he was, I also knew there would never be a moment I didn’t trust him in business and in life.

Over my years with KSI and Capital Safety North America Jim and I spent more time together than we did with our wives and I considered him more than just a business partner but as a member of my family.

When KSI was purchased by Capital Safety we continued to grow, adding more trainers, administrators, and locations across North America. Consistent throughout this exciting time was the feeling we were developing a training group of like-minded professionals who deeply cared for each other and our clients.

Despite ending up on the opposite side of the world I keep in contact with Jim and several of those who were a part of the KSI/ DBI crew and I know I’ll always have a place to stay should I end up in their hometowns. And I’ll always remember how our passion for the wellbeing of each other transferred to our passion for the safety of our clients.

We put the individual first

During this time of course development Jim and I added a slide to the heights course in what was a particularly impersonal section. Like most safety trainers, the beginning of our course was loaded with facts, figures, legislation, and standards that talked about the dollars and cents of safety. We were worried, by this time in the course, that students were inundated with threats of death, injury, and dollar figures and we needed to bring the mood back to the individual.

Finishing off a slide on legislation and due diligence Jim and I added the tagline, ‘Ensuring every worker gets home safely.’ This tagline eventually became the mission statement for Capital Safety and still endures now they are owned by 3M.

This simple but important statement took safety from a company level to a very personal level. Away from legislation, and the threat of death, into the wellbeing of the individuals working at height. Focusing on the individual has become a hallmark of my training and consulting practices over the years. Solutions, no matter how brilliant, are worthless if they aren’t useable and don’t take the individual into consideration.

Jump forward, through all those years, and I find myself back with a small training and consulting firm – PRM – where our focus is once again on the worker. Unbeknownst to me, the mission statement for PRM is ‘To always keep your people out of harm’s way’ and the Form1 mission, PRM’s parent company, is ‘Empowering people to make smarter choices’. Not so different from that tagline we used so many years ago.

An online seminar for home fire safety

My start with PRM has come during one of the most difficult times for Australia and the world. Covid-19 has brought with it a high degree of uncertainty and associated stress. Lockdowns have forced a paradigm shift in the societal marketplace, removing what is often an individual’s most social and structured part of their life – the workplace.

Suddenly we are forced into a situation where our home is our office, school, gym and/or social centre. This stress and need for re-thinking one’s place in the organisation have impacted how companies and individuals must plan for their safety during and after work hours. And if I ever needed something to support my decision to join PRM, I only need to look at our latest initiative.

Stemming from observations of individual concerns, PRM has developed an online seminar to address home fire safety. Now individuals are expected to spend their working hours in their home, their safety must be considered in this new workplace. What is remarkable to me, is not the development of a new seminar but the motivation behind it – individual safety, and wellbeing.

The PRM Home Fire Safety Seminar is not a paid session, and it was never developed to make money. It is supplied free of charge to anyone, client or not, that is facing this new challenge. It was developed and is presented because workers are struggling with this new expectation of working where we live. It was developed because PRM cares.

KSI was a small group of specialists, passionate for safety and the wellbeing of workers. An extended family which I am proud to have been a part of. While they say lightning never strikes twice, I have again found a small group of specialists who are passionate about safety and the wellbeing of workers. I’m pleased to say that joining PRM feels very much like coming home.

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