Why it’s important to keep your evacuation diagrams up-to-date

Evacuation diagrams are an often-overlooked safety feature on the road towards compliance. Form1 works with indoor mapping specialist Locatrix, to create high-quality, spatially accurate, and digital floor plans for our clients. Here's why.
Form1 - Why it is important to digitise your floor plans

Form1 Drafting Team Leader, Brent Holliday, says evacuation diagrams are an often-overlooked safety feature on the road towards compliance. As a site manager it is important to regularly check the validity of your evacuation plans.

“Up-to-date evacuation diagrams play a vital role in every safety management plan,” says Brent. 

“In many cases it is taken for granted that diagrams are correct. But buildings often undergo alterations – a room is added or a door that was once used to exit a building is moved two metres to the right or there’s been a name change and nobody has updated the plans.” 

Evacuation diagrams are so much more than a drawing on the wall – they are a representation of the organisation’s response to a crisis. While it is critical these drawings represent the physical structure and pathways within a commercial facility, it is also critical the diagrams properly represent the emergency response plans of the organisation. 

Some organisations will generate these diagrams in-house and make some errors, drifting away from compliance. This can include the size and location of the evacuation diagrams, and the inclusions or items left off altogether.

As a requirement of the National Building Code, various standards including AS 3745 & AS 4083, and relevant legislation, commercial premises must have evacuation diagrams clearly marking emergency control resources and evacuation routes. 

When structural changes occur, especially in healthcare, aged care, and the hospitality industry, evacuation plans change, as does the fire alarm block plan zone, and these must be updated. Imagine being confident that all data for your buildings, including URL feed access to CCTV footage (eyes inside a building), floor plans, and critical building information is collected and provided to Emergency Services.

At Form1 we are always looking for the best way to support and serve our clients and align our business with innovative leaders. 

With this in mind, we partner with indoor mapping specialist Locatrix, and utilise their software PlanStudio to draft and create your high quality, spatially accurate and digital floor plans.

All data (securely stored in accordance with ISO27001) has been offered to emergency services for access when they need to, in the case of an emergency.

In addition to floor plans, Locatrix’s PlanSafe product delivers site specific building emergency procedures as a learning outcome, providing another level of safety and compliance.

PlanSafe enables the collection and delivery of data such as the Warden Structure of a facility, the contact names and numbers of the Emergency Control Organisation and the Emergency Evacuation Plan showing site specific instructions as to how occupants are to escape a building and also any alternative solutions that building engineers have specified in the structure. All critical information for Emergency Services to be aware of – and have the confidence in the information currency, which both PlanSafe and PlanStudio ensure.

As Form1 regularly visits your site for maintenance, we also review to ensure that these details are kept current. Why? Because we are passionate about people, and serious about safety. We see the clear alignment with Locatrix because they believe in keeping people safe in buildings by enabling easy capture and sharing of critical building information for public safety professionals such as Form1, via their software applications.

For more information on why it’s important to digitise your floor plans, read this blog from Locatrix

Form1 has the expertise to develop these drawings, ensuring resulting diagrams meet the required standards and represent their corresponding emergency plans. For more information, and to see how we can support your facility, get in touch with Brent.

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